Prof. Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, Ph.D.

World's leading expert on glucans, Univerzita v Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Professional CV

Vaclav Vetvička, Ph.D., is Professor of Pathology in the Department of Pathology of the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY. He graduated from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, with an advanced degree in biology and obtained his Ph.D. from Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. His postgraduate training included a stay at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Oklahoma City, and at the Institute of Microbiology, Prague, Czech Republic. His main area of research interest focuses on the development of natural immunomodulators.

In addition to the glucan research, Dr. Vetvicka helped to launch glucan in several countries including USA, France, Turkey and Czech Republic. Dr. Vetvicka is author and co-author of more than 190 peer-reviewed publications, seven books and five international patents.